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Senior citizens are able to enjoy a wealth of time for vacationing and traveling to destinations they have dreamed of for years. It’s important for you to understand that the world is full of great options for every senior, no matter their age or physical ability. The great thing is that you may not even have to go very far to find the perfect vacation spot that’s perfect for your family when traveling with a senior. If you are planning a family vacation, it’s vital to set your budget, talk about what you each want to do while on your vacation and then get out there and do it. The main goal is to have a safe and stress-free trip that everyone enjoys…the kind of trip that builds memories that last a lifetime. Here are some tips that can get you on the road to a stress-free journey that includes the whole family:

  • Decide on a Travel Goal

It can lead to some real problems if you try traveling on an impulse with a senior. There are a ton of details you have to consider when traveling with a senor citizen, like medications and special equipment. Plan your trip ahead of time. Where do you want to go? When is the best time to go? How much do you feel comfortable spending? Sit down and think about every single aspect of the trip, then discuss the details with everyone.

  • Look at the Options

One of the perks to senior travel is all the discounts available! Get online and research AAA, AARP, travel clubs for seniors and Internet deals. Figure out which option offers the best deal and meets your family goals and budget.

  • Secure Everything at Home

Have another family member or family friend keep a copy of your travel itinerary. Plan for them to feed any pets at home and check the mail while you are gone.

  • Prepare for Your Expenses

Beginning from the first gas station visit, decide how you will pay for the trip. Will you use a credit card? Will you pay for your senior’s expenses or will your senior take care of their own expenses while traveling? How will they pay for their part of the trip….using a credit card or cash? Think about these things before hand. Is it safe for your senior loved one to hold on to large amounts of cash, or should you keep the cash and credit cards until they need them?

  • Talk About the Details

A week or more prior to departure, sit down with everyone and talk about your trip. Go over the plan and check off each item. Keep going over your plan until the very day you leave. This will prevent any last minute mistakes. While traveling with a senior may seem like a challenge, it truly doesn’t have to be…so get out there and travel!

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