Healthy Holiday Eating for Diabetic Seniors

By November 30, 2012Healthy Aging

The holidays are a time when food and festivity are in the air. Healthy eating during this time is essential for all seniors with diabetes. It can be difficult to eat a wholesome, well-balanced diet during this time. With some advanced planning, senior diabetics can enjoy all the magic of the season without harming their health. The following tips can help seniors keep their blood sugar levels under control while spending time with friends and family.

●  Family is the focal point. During the holidays, the focus can often shift from family to food. It is vital for seniors to remember that the joy of the holiday season is really about spending valuable time with loved ones. Try to enjoy an activity that allows everyone to be involved, such as taking a walk or playing a board game. This helps to ensure that the entire holiday celebration is not spent sitting at the dinner table.


●  Do not skip meals before the big holiday dinner. Many seniors who suffer from diabetes think that skipping meals earlier in the day will help keep blood glucose levels from spiking. This myth cannot be further from the truth. Skipping meals is dangerous for diabetics. It causes blood glucose levels to become irregular, making it harder to get them back under control. In addition, skipping meals is one of the most common ways to end up overeating.


●  For diabetic seniors who end up throwing healthy eating habits out the window during the holidays, it is important to realize that all is not lost. It is possible to get back on track. When seniors realize they are overeating, it is vital to stop indulging in food. They must then make an effort keep a close watch on all blood glucose levels and then take their insulin as scheduled. Finally, seniors should include some extra exercise to their routine to bring blood glucose levels back to normal.

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