Healthy Fitness Options For Seniors

By February 25, 2013Healthy Aging

As old age becomes inevitable for all of us, staying active and healthy can and should be maintained throughout our years. Joints and limbs may not be able to move as fast or flexible as in our youth, but below are three healthy fitness options that any senior can enjoy to stay in shape. It may take some motivation to boost your metabolism after many years, but it’ll be well worth it! Regular exercise for seniors is said to help boost overall energy, encourage better moods, and help ward off any sicknesses or illnesses.


1) Dancing

A fitness option for any age, dancing is a great way to keep your feet and body moving to music you love to hear. Whether you’re dancing solo in your own home, or joining your grandkids in a fun, dance game on their gaming system, you’re sure to benefit from the rewards of dancing as an exercise!


 2) Yoga

Yoga is a great option for seniors as it encourages great stretches and poses for your body, all while breathing in and out consistently. Yoga can be performed alone in the privacy of your own home, or with a group of people at your local health center, making it another great fitness option for seniors looking to improve their flexibility, breathing, strength and physical balance.


3) Walking

As easy as this last fitness option sounds, walking is a great first step for any senior trying to get back in shape at their own speed. Walking requires no special tools or equipment, and can be a great way to socialize with friends and family. Remember to take your time and know that it’s the effort that counts when it comes to how fast or slow you walk. Find a nearby park, invite your friends or grand-kids and enjoy a healthy walk outdoors as you catch up on life with loved ones.

Whether you are looking to reduce stress in your life or become healthier and more flexible, the above fitness options are a great way to get a head start on encouraging a natural metabolism and better mobility. Regardless of your age or physical condition, there are always simple ways to stay healthy, and we applaud you for taking the first step to a higher quality of life!



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