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For seniors, cognitive health is one of the most important keys to living a full and productive life. For this reason, it becomes necessary to exercise the brain. Seniors and their caregivers should understand exactly what types of activities can be helpful to ensure healthy aging of the brain. No matter if it is reading a newspaper or a long novel, reading is a great way to exercise the brain for seniors, making it perform several different functions at one time. The following activities can be used by seniors to keep their brain function in top shape.

  • ~Memory


Memory games are among the types of brain exercises that will most likely help to maintain senior’s brain function. A classic game of memory can be played almost anywhere at any time. Cards with pictures of simple, everyday objects should be laid down on a table. Facing down, ask the senior to turn over two of the cards in the stack. Seniors will then take turns flipping over cards two at a time, trying to match up the pictures and make pairs.

  • ~Sudoku


Seniors who participate in logistic and reasoning based exercises are known to have almost a 74% improvement in their mental function. This is great and encouraging news for any senior who is looking to improve their cognitive ability.

Sudoku is a game which has become extremely popular in recent years. It is a numbers game that requires seniors to use logic and solve puzzles. In Sudoku, the senior is given a grid that is nine-by-nine, divided up into three-by-three. There are a few numbers placed within the grid already and the object is for the senior to figure out exactly how to place additional numbers within the grid so that each grid, column or row will contain the numbers one through nine, but only one time. It is a very challenging, almost addicting game that seniors and their caregivers can enjoy while also exercising the brain.


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