Healthy aging: a fall prevention plan for seniors

By October 22, 2012Healthy Aging

More than one in three seniors fall at home each and every year. The risk of falling, and the complications associated with the fall, rises with age. Every year over 1.6 million seniors visit an ER for fall related injuries. Falls are the number one cause of fractures, loss of home independence and injury associated deaths. However, the fear of falling does not need to take over the life of a senior. The following six tips are ways of preventing falls for seniors living at home.

1. See a physician

A great fall-prevention plan will consist of a physician asking some of the following questions:

  • –What kinds of medications are being taken?
  • –Have there been previous falls in the home?
  • –Are there any health conditions that may have caused the fall?


2. Keep active

Physical activity can be one of the very best fall-prevention tools for seniors who live at home. Consider activities like water aerobics, treadmill walking or light yoga. Each of these activities will strengthen seniors’ muscles, improve balance and boost coordination. Seniors who avoid physical activity are more prone to falling at home. It may even be productive for seniors to begin a physical therapy supervised exercise program.

3. Wear the right shoes

While it may seem like a simple idea, changing footwear can also be a huge step toward successful fall- prevention. Shoes with heels, loose slippers or shoes with hard, slick soles can make seniors slip and fall in their home. Instead, try:

  • –Buying seniors properly fitting shoes with non-skid soles
  • –Avoid wearing shoes with dangerous soles
  • –Wear shoes that lace-up instead of slip on and be sure to keep laces tied snugly
  • –For female seniors with wide feet, try wearing men’s shoes


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