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Healthy Activities to Lose that Holiday Weight

By November 28, 2014Aging in Place

No one is excluded from the holiday weight gain battle. Medical professionals estimate that between the ages of about 25 and 75, the percentage of individuals’ body fat doubles. Two of the most loved aspects of the holidays are family gathering and delicious food. January usually leaves everyone searching for methods of losing holiday weight. There are a number of healthy activities to help them lose that holiday weight!

Setting Appropriate Goals
Setting goals for seniors to lose holiday weight should be viable and safe, and always include their input. It is important to listen to elders’ opinions and preferences: discuss their options and their views on the matter. Appropriately setting realistic goals will evoke much more enthusiasm and therefore produce better results!

There are many benefits to engaging in physical activity. It’s been medically proven that those who are not sedentary fall asleep easier, sleep longer, and rest better. Exercise and appropriate rest improve self-confidence and mental health. It also improves cognitive abilities which is essential to aging persons, especially those who may suffer from dementia disorders or Alzheimer’s disease.

Physical Activity
Medical professionals strongly recommend that older individuals get 2 to 2 ½ hours of moderate physical activity each week, depending upon their current health condition. They should also engage in some sort of low impact activity on a daily basis, however it is very important to consult with medical professionals first.

  • Walking is one of the best low impact activities for most all individuals. Schedule a few days each week to take a leisurely stroll on the local property or at the park.
  • Dancing is not only a wonderful exercise, but an exciting activity. Perhaps a weekly dance session or lessons can be organized. This not only gets everyone moving, but provides an excellent method of socialization.
  • Caring for pets can be extremely beneficial in several ways. A dog must be walked and played with on a daily basis for positive health. For pets, play is much the same as exercise. Caring for animals has been proven to promote many health benefits, physically as well as psychologically.
  • Yoga is a wonderful activity that boosts brain activity and mood. Yoga does not simply encompass stretching. It teaches breathing for health and meditation.

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