Health Benefits of Yoga

By December 10, 2012Healthy Aging

Seniors gain many benefits from exercising and practicing yoga is one of the best ways to stay healthy and slow down the aging process. While it may be necessary to modify some of the techniques to meet any physical limitations of an aging body, seniors are easily able to participate in a yoga session. The benefits of practicing yoga extend beyond just physical fitness.

  • Emotional Improvements
    As seniors continue to age, signs of depression can easily develop. It is often a difficult transition period for seniors who experience a loss of independence, chronic illness, isolation or physical limitations. Yoga focuses on the vital mind-body connection and is often able to help seniors relax and gain a more positive outlook.

  • Strength and Flexibility
    One of the most prominent concerns for seniors who live at home is the high risk of falls. As people age, bones, muscles and joints all lose strength, making it harder to move and function properly. Yoga helps seniors use their own body to improve overall strength. Muscles and bones are strengthened, stability is improved and flexibility is gained when yoga is practiced on a regular basis. Additionally, the risk falls is significantly decreased.

  • Medical Health
    Yoga is an exercise that significantly decreases the risk of contracting multiple medical conditions. Some of these conditions are obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety attacks and clinical depression. The stretching involved in yoga poses assist the cardiovascular system and promote proper body function. The exercise itself burns calories, keeping weight under control and body fat to a minimum. Yoga can also help to alleviate or significantly improve pain associated with certain types of cancer, arthritis, chronic back pain and carpal tunnel syndrome.

  • Quality Sleep
    For many seniors, getting a good night’s sleep can seem almost impossible. For those who can fall asleep, sleeping through the night can be a problem. As a result, seniors often feel extremely tired during the day and physically exhausted. The relaxation techniques practiced during a yoga work out can help seniors to become more centered and calm, resulting in better sleep quality and improved function during the daytime.


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