Halloween Activities for the Elderly – A Plethora of Fun

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All Hallows Eve is not simply for children. Everyone should be able to get into the fun regardless of age. It may seem difficult to include Halloween activities for the elderly upon first thought; however, there are a plethora of activities for them as well. Many areas have local senior communities and senior centers for older adults to gather at and share in the fun of Halloween activities for the elderly. One idea to consider is to have them dress up with the kids to hand out candy instead of taking the children out trick or treating. Below find some activities to do with your elderly friends and loved ones this Halloween!

Harvest Foods
Most all food for Halloween is treats, sweets, and desserts. Many seniors are on diet-specific menus for health reasons; however, there are plenty of treats for them as well. Searching the internet will afford numerous recipes for nutritious cupcakes that are also delicious. Have elderly family members help decorate them with harvest colors. Popcorn and a little food coloring can help create a treat with hues of oranges, yellows, and reds. This can be eaten as well as strung for some cute, party-appropriate decorations. Squash and root vegetable beef roasts are perfectly themed for the harvest holiday.

Halloween Décor
Stock up on construction paper of fall colors, scissors, and glue sticks. If you or a friend has an artistic flair, draw some pumpkins, ghosts, and black cats to be cut out for decorating. Ask seniors for their own ideas that they think will make some spooky Halloween shapes to hang. For a little more creativity, get some glitter, beads, and puffballs to glue to the decorations. Make sure to hang them all so the trick-or-treaters will be able to see them!

Costume Creativity
Age is only a number when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. Most everyone loves this activity, especially if it involves a bit of friendly competition. Have a costume contest for everyone and make sure to start it early enough so the children can see the getups, too. Bringing smiles to the kids’ faces will most likely bring smiles to theirs as well. Add a little kick and make a homemade rule. Tell everyone that every element of the costume must be crafted and not bought.

Scare Time
One timeless tradition of Halloween is spooky storytelling. Almost every childhood and local town have at least a handful of ghost stories. Designate an hour or three with the lights turned down and candles lit so all can share. Prizes could be provided for the best, the longest, and/or the scariest stories. Along with this same line a Halloween scare trivia game could be designed from the local town lore.

Tell us how you are integrating Halloween activities for the elderly this year. We’d love to hear your ideas!

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