Great Christmas Gifts for Nursing Home or Senior Living Residents

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Finding the perfect gift for a parent or grandparent who is living in a nursing or senior residence can often seem like an impossible task. You’ll want nursing home Christmas gifts that are well liked and meaningful, but one that is practical as well. Below you’ll find some unique nursing home Christmas gifts along with their general price range. No matter which one you choose, your loved ones are sure to thank you!

1. Handheld games: $10 to $50

If your loved one enjoys Scrabble, Sudoku or card games, then try getting them a portable handheld game. They are extremely affordable, offer hours of enjoyment, and allow seniors to play their favorite game against the computer, just in case, no one else is around.

Try purchasing Backgammon, Chess, Boggle, Bingo, Gin Rummy, Crossword puzzles, or handheld Wheel of Fortune.

2. Sugar-free holiday treats: $2.95 and up

Many seniors with diabetes have dietary restrictions, keeping them from eating the sweets of the holidays. Treat your loved one to a gift assortment of sugar-free candies.

Try hot cocoa pouches, lemon drops, caramels or sugar-free cookies.

3. Family scrapbook: $20 and up

If your parent or grandparent has moved into a nursing home residence, chances are that they’ve had to consolidate their keepsakes that used to be displayed in their home. Framed family photos that once decorated the house have likely been packed away in storage, never to be seen or appreciated.

Purchase a scrapbook kit and archive your family photos in the memory book. A scrapbook can be enjoyed by loved ones for years to come. Remember to buy bright-colored paper and cheerful Christmas stickers, as this will help to lift the mood of everyone looking through it. Seniors will appreciate the time and thought that goes into making a gift like this, but she or he will also be able to use the scrapbook as a “brag book,” showing off their family and friends to other residents. This is a Christmas project that can be simple or extremely elaborate. There are even scrapbooking kits that come with pre-made layouts; all you have to do is simply insert family photos.

What other nursing home Christmas gifts would you suggest? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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