Giving Back to Society with Your Grandchildren

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Grandparents are constantly finding innovative ways to show their grandchildren that giving back to society can be both rewarding and fun. Following these tips can help show younger generations how to follow their grandparent’s lead.


  • Become a Role Model

Seniors can tell their grandchildren about the various causes they support and why they choose to do so. When grandchildren see their grandparents in action, they become more motivated to join in. One of the best ways to involve younger generations to volunteer is for grandparents to take them along when they perform charitable acts.


  • Start Small

There are many different programs that arrange special volunteer projects for children. Seniors can start by calling their place of worship, the United Way, the Red Cross or other local charity and ask about programs that involve children.


  • Make It a Tradition

Seniors can start their own special tradition with grandchildren by volunteering. Make it a special time for them, bonding with each other in the spirit of doing good deeds for others who are less fortunate.


  • Make It Meaningful

Seniors can turn volunteering into meaningful traditions with grandchildren. Try subtle things to help children appreciate how fortunate they are, letting them know that not everyone is as fortunate as they are. For instance, try baking cookies together as a tradition, then delivering them to a local nursing home or to local needy families. This is a wonderful way to show grandchildren how small acts of kindness can make a huge impact.


  • Give to the Animals

Seniors and their grandchildren often share a deep love of animals. For those who have a passion for animals, volunteering at a local shelter could be a perfect way to give back. Most shelters need many volunteers to walk dogs, socialize animals or help with grooming the animals. Volunteering time at animal adoption events is another creative way seniors and their grandchildren can help. It is a great way to spend time as a volunteer, while also making a huge difference in the lives of animals.


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