Five Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Seniors

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Valentine’s Day is about honoring and celebrating love in all its forms. It’s the perfect day to express love and care for seniors, and to help them through the sadness that the day may elicit. Valentine’s Day may be a day of emptiness and loss for a senior who has lost a beloved partner. Use the day to express love and support for seniors, and to let them know what their love means to others. Here are five ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for seniors.

Flowers for cheering
This is an easy one! Who doesn’t love flowers? Don’t feel that lots of money has to be spent on roses. Order tulips or daffodils for delivery. The color and scent will brighten the house and hopefully the spirits of the senior.

Chocolates for treats
This is a great gift for senior men and women alike. Today there are hundreds of choices when it comes to chocolate, and sugar free chocolate makes it possible to give it as a gift to diabetics. Chocolate can be delivered by itself, with flowers or even teddy bears. If the senior lives locally, the family member and/or caregiver can go to the store and buy an assortment of chocolate so the senior can snack on it for quite a while.

Visits for comfort
Perhaps the simplest and most meaningful gift on Valentine’s Day, and any other day for that matter, is a visit with the senior. It doesn’t have to be a long visit; in fact short ones are usually better. If the family member wants to take a gift along to the visit, think about purchasing a supermarket bouquet of flowers and placing it in a vase from home. Print out some photos of the children and take them in an envelope or card. Take a CD of the senior’s favorite music and listen to it during the visit or take a movie for them to watch later!

Children for delight
When children make Valentine’s Day cards, they take on an entirely new dimension of beauty! Have the children in the family make cards for the senior and mail or hand deliver them. A child’s expression of love is genuine and will make the senior happy.

Gifts for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients
In general, picture books, photo albums, loose photos and music are the best gifts for seniors suffering with various types of cognitive decline. The interrupted memory and attention span inhibits focus. Pictures can be enjoyed for seconds at a time and repeatedly. They also are a good way to generate things to talk about when chatting with a senior who may be non-verbal.

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