How to Find the Best Caregiver Job

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Becoming a professional caregiver is a weighty responsibility- one that requires skill, training, compassion and caring. The best caregiver jobs are with agencies that provide on-site training, a solid package of benefits and a strong support system that provides oversight and advice.

LivHOME believes that these are important elements of a supportive work environment, and we provide them to the experienced care providers that we hire.

LivHOME Caregiving Careers

LivHOME has grown to become one of the nation’s largest providers of professional in-home care because we hold ourselves and our caregivers to strict standards of care. We hire only the best caregivers, expect them to deliver high quality, highly skilled care to each client, and support them in achieving that goal.

We hire caregivers through a rigorous employment process that includes in-person interviews, reference checks, skills evaluations, drug testing, and criminal background checks. All of these must be successfully completed before a caregiver is considered for employment.

Once hired, LivHOME caregivers receive competitive living wages, benefits, 401k matching retirement plans, and frequent on-site training and support. We believe that when caregivers receive good wages and benefits, they are free to give their best to their clients.

As a result, LivHOME offers the highest quality caregiver services available today:

  • Caregivers are available 24/7 with full support and supervision from credentialed professionals
  • Caregivers are fully bonded and insured for the protection of each client and each family

LivHOME has created the highest standards for caregiving in the industry today.

When you look for caregivers, make sure they hold the following characteristics:

1. Sound judgment and confidence

The best caregivers provide care that is based on experience, skill and an intuitive sense of what the senior needs, especially those who may be non-verbal.

2. Alert and quick to respond

Experienced caregivers have internal alarms that go off when they sense that something is wrong. They don’t hesitate to act and have the training to know what to do when to protect the senior in their care.

3. Compassionate and caring

Little things can make a world of difference. Any clinically trained caregiver can give medications and care for wounds. It’s the special ones that will serve a nutritious snack, give the senior a soft blanket to hug or play music that is comforting.

4. Control and Communication

Skilled professionals know when to insist on specific care for their seniors, and are excellent communicators with family members and physicians. Caregivers may not be related to the patient and may not be physicians, but caring for a senior every day gives them a unique and intuitive understanding of the patient’s status.

The best caregivers will fight for the seniors in their care and make sure that the people in decision-making capacities listen. Apply to become a caregiver today!

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