Cold Weather Activities to Help Seniors Fight the Doom and Gloom of Winter

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It’s getting colder outside and the days are getting shorter. That means it’s a lot harder for seniors to enjoy many of their normal outdoor activities. However, the winter weather doesn’t have to drive older adults into inactivity or keep them barricaded inside their homes. Here are some great ideas for keeping seniors active during the winter months.


Since Christmas is just around the corner, it makes for a great time to go shopping with seniors. Shopping at your local mall or discount store is a great way to get an older adult walking. You’d be surprised how far you actually walk when browsing through the department stores and specialty boutiques. Everyone can benefit from walking, as it is a great way to get your heart pumping while you spend some quality time together. Another benefit to shopping is the senior discount that most stores offer during the week!


Taking a senior citizen’s yoga class is a great way to spend some time during the winter months. The classes are tailored to be age and body appropriate, meaning they are extremely safe for most healthy older adults. You can find detailed information about senior yoga classes by doing an online search in your specific area or by calling around to the YMCA or local community center.

Commit to a Large Jigsaw Puzzle

A fun way to spend time during the winter is to dive into a jigsaw puzzle. Puzzles can be pictures of just about anything; choose from things like beach scenes, animals or nature. One thing to keep in mind is that many seniors suffer from poor eyesight, so you might want to buy the puzzles that have larger pieces to accommodate your loved one. If the puzzle is large enough, it could keep an older adult busy for weeks to come. Plus, completing a puzzle is a great way to keep the brain exercising and in top shape!

Play a Video Game

Gone are the days when video games were exclusively for younger kids. There are plenty of games today that offer wonderful health benefits and mental stimulation for older adults. When you look at something like the Nintendo Wii, there are a high number of games that perfectly suit the older generation. Many video games are activity based, requiring seniors to get up and move around, getting some much-needed winter exercise.


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