Cervical Health Awareness Month

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January plays host to honoring a plethora of health issues. One important issue is that of cervical health. According to the American Cancer Society, 12,900 new cases of women with cervical cancer will be diagnosed this year, and of those 12,900 new cases, 4,100 of those women will die. Fortunately, cervical cancer has become a very treatable disease over the years. At one point in time, it was one of the deadliest forms of cancer for women. However, over the last 30 years, the death rate has decreased by 50 percent due to the growing amount of preventative measures. Here are some of the steps you can take to assure your female senior loved one’s cervical health is 100 percent.

Pap Test
This medical examination is one of the best ways to detect abnormalities within the cervix or even the early stages of cervical cancer. The procedure involves inspecting the cells from the cervix. If something unusual is detected, other examinations will be required to determine the problem. However, it’s one of the best methods to detect cervical cancer at it’s earliest stage which is also its most curable stage.

It’s imperative that you urge your senior loved one to get checked regularly, as 15 percent of all women diagnosed with cervical cancer are over the age of 65.

HPV Vaccine
The Human Papillomavirus or HPV affects over 79 million Americans. Most people who are affected by it aren’t aware they have it. In most cases, the virus shows no sign of its existence. A person will age with it and once the immune system is healthy enough, the disease will be defeated. However, in 5 percent of women, a persistent infection will occur that puts them at a higher risk of cervical cancer.

Regularly scheduling doctor appointments for cervical health is a good idea. By receiving the HPV vaccine, your senior loved one will greatly reduce their chances of getting cervical cancer. It must be taken in three doses and can defend against four types of HPV strains. The vaccine fights off two of the most common high risk strains as well as the two most common low risk strains.

Spread Awareness
Cervical health is very important because it’s very preventable. The more women know about the measures they can take to stay healthy, the closer we can all come to eradicating a disease. Cancer is scary. It would be wonderful to knock out even just one type of it. That’s why it’s important to spread cervical health awareness this January.

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