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Celebrate Grandparents Day this Sunday

By September 10, 2015Archives

Help celebrate Grandparents Day on Sunday by taking part in some fun activities for young and old alike. Grandparents have the best stories, the best recipes, and the greatest wisdom. Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate the big day together.

1. Cooking or baking! Little kids love to mix, pour, and stir batter involved in baking and cooking. Find an old family recipe and encourage the grandparent to teach the children how to prepare the item. Older grandchildren can take out their phone or video camera and record the entire operation. They can then edit it into a short documentary that can be enjoyed by the entire family.

2. Bring out the paints, the colored pencils, and the markers. Clear everything off the table and sit down for some arts and crafts. Perhaps it can be a portrait painting session, the grandchild paints an image of the grandparent and vice versa. It could also mean putting together a memory box or a time capsule. Gather together photos, papers, knick-knacks and other items and put them into a box. The collection now represents those involved in making it.

3. Encourage family members to get to know each other through a bit of question and answer sessions! No matter the age of the grandchild, interviewing each other can be fun. Try writing down a few sample questions, such as, “Where were you born?”, or “If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?” Eventually, the creative juices will start flowing in the grandkids and they’ll think of questions themselves. Again, this can be videotaped or recorded so it can be enjoyed by everyone.

4. For small children, being read a story before going to bed is one of the most important parts of the day. It can also be a very exciting part of the afternoon! Grandparents should try to find a book in which a grandparent is a character, thereby making it more relatable to the relationship at hand. I t may also lead to the grandparent telling their own stories.

No matter what is done to celebrate Grandparent’s Day, it’s important simply to celebrate the grandparents themselves and all that they do. Try to make it a tradition. If the grandparents baked something with the grandkids and it was filmed, try another recipe the next year. It’s easy enough to try a new recipe each year and create a veritable cooking show that the family will look forward to viewing. Tell the parents they can go out for lunch. The connection between grandparents and their children’s children is much more strongly grown when the generation in the middle isn’t around!

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