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Caring for Veterans on V-J Day

By August 10, 2015Archives

Over three and a half years of grueling combat came to a halt on September 2nd, 1945 for American forces when President Truman declared “Victory over Japan Day.” Celebrated on the second Monday of August, V-J Day was a federal holiday until 1975. Seventy years later, World War II veterans certainly haven’t forgotten their service, and those of their brothers in arms, neither should we. How can you provide your own service to these honored members of our society?

  • Visit a senior veteran or wounded service members
  • Deliver food to aged veterans
  • Attend an honorary event for the military
  • Donate to your local VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars)


The natural cycle of life takes close friends and loved ones away from all of us. As a person’s life progresses and health needs demand 24-hour care, a senior veteran can find themselves without much companionship. Here are some ways you can support and care for veterans:

A visit to assisted care facilities is always welcome. You can lend an ear to someone who would love to tell their stories. As an added bonus, you will hear a firsthand account of a piece of American history.

If you’re going to call on a veteran, why not take them a meal at the same time? Your local Area Agency on Aging can connect you with a service that delivers food to seniors. Volunteering your service is easy enough and can bring joy to a lonely aged veteran. Getting in touch with veteran’s hospitals is another way to connect with wounded service members and schedule visits. Why not bring along a senior veteran as well? The common bond of the service will naturally bring out the camaraderie between these members of the armed forces.

Many Veterans of Foreign Wars associations are seeing slashed budgets. By donating funds or holding a fundraiser for the VFW, you can show how much you care about veterans and for the organizations that deliver care.

1. Start a support network of your own! Encourage your neighbors to check on aged veterans regularly.

2. Take the suggestions here and run with them. See how widespread you can make the veteran’s support movement.

3. Showing respect for veterans is a matter of small, but enormously telling gestures:

  • Share a conversation over a cup of coffee. By showing interest and respect you can motivate a veteran to tell his or her story and feel important.
  • Let a veteran go ahead of you in the line at the airport. It shows consideration for their sacrifices.
  • Giving a bit of our time to veterans is the very least that any of us can do to thank them for their service to our country. On this 70th anniversary of the surrender of Japan, we are reminded that we should never forget what our veterans have done for our protection and that of generations to come. [gravityform id=”2″ name=”For More Information” description=”false”]

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