Caring for dentures daily can help seniors look young and healthy

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Dentures can be a perfect answer for seniors who are missing their natural teeth. When done by a skilled professional, dentures look just as natural and healthy as real teeth. In order to keep dentures fitting well and looking new, seniors must take proper care of them on a daily basis. The following points will help seniors or their caregivers keep dentures in top shape:

1. Clean dentures on a regular schedule every day. Seniors must brush dentures daily, exactly like they would brush natural teeth. One of the big differences? Seniors should skip using toothpaste when brushing their dentures. Most commercial toothpastes contain abrasives that can actually scratch the surface of the denture. This kind of scratching can make dentures look old and overused. Instead, seniors should brush dentures with a soft-bristle brush made specifically for dentures. Add water to the brush, brush all surfaces of the denture, being extra careful not to bend or break any of the attachments. Rinse dentures after each and every meal. While there are denture soaks on the market, soaking does not remove the plaque from dentures like brushing does.

2. Treat dentures as if they are valuable…because they are! Seniors should always fill the sink with water or place denture in a folded paper towel when they are out of the mouth. Dropping them could make them easily break, causing severe damage to the appearance and fit of the denture. The rule of thumb should be that if seniors are not wearing the denture, the denture should be soaking in water or a denture solution. Also, never soak dentures in hot water, as they can easily warp and damage the denture.

3. Remove dentures at night before bed. This is not only good for the dentures themselves, but it is also good for the gum tissue. Leaving dentures out while sleeping allows the seniors gingival tissue time to rest and recover from a day of denture wear and eating.

If seniors take the time to care for dentures properly, they should last for around five to seven years before needing to be replaced. In addition, proper care can keep the smiles of seniors looking bright and vibrant for life.


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