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Today we will continue our Caregiver Highlight blog series with one of our favorite caregivers from the U.K. Kirsty! She was apart of our Caregiver blog series over the summer and we wanted to show  our appreciation to her and all her hard work.

We asked her some questions ranging from caregiving during the holidays and any funny stories she has!
  • Who do you care for and could you tell us a bit about them and their personality?

I care for my nana Jean. Nan used to look after me when I was going through stress teenage years so I was grateful to have the opportunity to look after her. Nan loves a rude joke, a Drambouie and her cat. We have recently moved house to the other side of England so nan and I can be closer to my mum (her daughter).


  • Qualities that make a good caregiver a great caregiver?

Knowing when to take time for yourself, being able to empathize, the ability to think on your feet and be able to diffuse situations. Don’t be afraid to show your emotions.


  • How are the holidays different from the rest of the year for you?

They’re not really, for me. Last Christmas was my first Christmas caring for nan and Christmas lasted precisely 4 hours, mum came, we had dinner and presents, mum left and Christmas was over. We’re hoping for a bigger deal this year, we usually like to make a fuss (for the last 7 years we’ve tried to make it special as it may be nan’s last, but she keeps going). But once family have left there’s nothing for me and nan to really set it apart from any other day, the chores still need doing, nan still needs her day to day care.


  • Favorite thing/worst thing about being a caregiver during the holiday season

Not being able to go out and celebrate with friends due to having to come back for nan, similarly not being able to get too merry over Christmas dinner coz I’ll have to put nan to bed. The best thing though is the lead up, getting nan slowly more excited with little hints about Christmas, and knowing how much she’ll love the presents and attention on the day.


  • Any funny stories being a caregiver

Far too many!  Nan flirting through the window with the man across the road-she waves and blows kisses, but in her defense, he started it!


Do you have a caregiver in mind who you want to show your appreciation for?  We’d love to hear from you, please leave a comment with you contact information and we will reach out to you!


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