Breast Cancer Awareness: The Importance of Physical Activity

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It’s no surprise that the more active you are, the healthier you become. It’s no different when it comes to breast cancer. Women who get regular exercise see a 10% to 20% decrease in breast cancer risk. It helps maintain that ideal body weight. However, some studies suggest differently.

According to prior research, premenopausal women who are overweight see a large reduction in breast cancer risk. Those who are categorized as overweight or obese see a 20% to 40% decrease. This correlation is not well understood, but it does present a bit of a problem, because postmenopausal women see an increased risk in breast cancer when they are categorized as overweight or obese.

Therefore, it’s very important to keep that weight off. As previously stated, the more active you are the healthier you become. That holds true no matter what stage of life you’re in. There are so many positive factors that come from leading an active lifestyle, such as an increased immune system that allows you to stay healthy for longer, lower estrogen levels which also decreases your risk for breast cancer, and a reduced risk for various cardiovascular diseases. If you’re looking to become more active in your day to day activities, here are some great examples of ways to get the heart beating and the blood flowing:

  • Walk, Don’t Ride – Sometimes the biggest adjustments can come in the smallest of packages. Instead of taking the elevator to get to that top floor, take the stairs. Is your local grocery store right around the corner? Walk there! The recommended amount of time for physical activity each day is 30 minutes. You can knock a few of those minutes out each day just by refusing the elevator or leaving the car in the garage.
  • Stretch Break – Flexibility is very important as you age. It keeps the muscles limber and even attributes to a limber mind. It helps reduce stress and keeps the mind at ease. Whenever you have free time, spend a couple minutes stretching out your muscles, instead of remaining inactive. It can go a long way to your overall health!
  • Improve Each Day – Wear a pedometer each day. It’ll keep track of each step you take everyday. Try not to be satisfied with a static number. Try to increase the amount of steps you take everyday. The more steps you take the more active you’ll become. You might be surprised how far those steps will take you!

These are merely a few tips you can use to promote a healthier lifestyle to decrease your chance at breast cancer. Don’t settle for a fixed workout routine. Variety is the spice of life and the more muscles you utilize the healthier you’ll be!

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