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Statistics show that only around 25% of seniors are up-to-date on the recommended immunizations or screenings for cancer. Utilizing preventative health services available to seniors and their caregivers can provide many lifesaving measures.

With an aging population, many seniors do not receive the proper vaccinations, health screenings or other recommended services. These services are in place to help physicians detect disease, delay the onset of illness or take notice of symptoms during the most treatable stages. Without an early diagnosis, many diseases are past the point of return for successful treatment procedures. Seniors and their caregivers are encouraged to stick to a regular schedule of preventative services.


Seniors can improve their cognition while reducing the development of Alzheimer’s if they utilize preventative methods, increasing brain fitness. Brain fitness is achieved when the brain of a senior begins functioning at an optimal level, processing specific information, enabling certain motor actions or supporting certain mental abilities. So what are some activities that can be performed by seniors or their caregivers in an effort to keep the frontal lobe of the brain functioning in top shape? The following list can provide much needed brain exercise for seniors:

-Jigsaw puzzles of 500 or more pieces
-Sudoku/Crossword/Word search puzzles
-Playing checkers
-Reading newspapers, books, magazines
-Watching an interesting classical movie such as Hamlet or Macbeth
-Daily physical exercise
-Solving math questions
-Eating healthy foods
-Staying hydrated with water
-Managing stress levels
-Bird watching in the park
-Building something such as pottery or a birdhouse
-Getting proper amounts of sleep
-Learning a new daily word and using it in a conversation

Some of the most useful products available for achieving brain fitness are:

-Action video games (such as those found on the Wii entertainment center or X-Box)
-Brain Health Library
-PBS Brain Fitness (DVD)
-Low cost or free brain training programs online

Selecting the tools that work best for seniors is a process that can take trial and error. It is vital that seniors do not give up while searching for the perfect brain-training product. Caregivers and in-home health services are also able to provide essential social interaction for seniors on a daily basis.


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