Best Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

By January 25, 2013Aging in Place

As the official age for retirement keeps increasing in the United States, fewer and fewer senior citizens are able to survive without a job and are now wondering what kind of jobs are available and appropriate for their age group. You may hear stories about companies who do not hire seniors due to physical
limitations or an inability to commit to a full-time schedule, so which part-time jobs are best for older workers? Keep reading for a closer look into that answer.


Why are Part-Time Jobs Better for Seniors?


Part-time jobs are much more accommodating for older workers because they are not as strenuous or demanding as full-time jobs can be. Working a part-time job schedule allows seniors to enjoy much more flexibility, providing extra time during days off to attend doctor visits or rest. For a large number of seniors, monthly monetary benefits, such as disability or Social Security, provide enough supplementation so that a part-time income is all that is needed.


Where to Start the Job Search?


While it may be tempting to apply for jobs you have years of experience with, looking outside the box is often a great place for seniors to start. This is especially true for industries that are not currently hiring due to economic conditions. Seniors should try looking into fields that are growing and flourishing, such as customer service, home health sitting, retail, office receptionists or tutoring.


Best Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

Bookkeeping/Data Entry: For seniors with the ability to perform some basic accounting or data entry tasks, many companies seek freelance workers to work occasionally. One of the most appealing things about freelance work is that seniors are often able to work at home and can apply for jobs anywhere in the world.

Tutoring: Have a knack for teaching children and adults? Use those skills to help people improve in areas like math, English and test-taking preparation. Tutoring is especially great for seniors who live in a large city, as it is easy to find students who need help with their educational studies.

Home Health Sitting: This part-time job can be both emotionally and professionally satisfying for thousands of seniors around the country. Many home health agencies hire seniors to visit the homes of current patients, providing company and performing small non-medical tasks around the home. For instance, seniors may visit and socialize with patients, read the daily newspaper to them, enjoy watching a movie or prepare lunch.

Retail: One of the wonderful things about part-time retail jobs is that seasonal holidays open the doors for many seniors to obtain work. Try applying at department stores, local amusement parks, Christmas specialty retail stores or the complementary gift-wrapping sections of many larger stores. Although it is highly likely for seasonal help to be laid off after the holidays pass and business slows down, many seniors are able to obtain the same holiday retail job each year.


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