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Just because seniors are getting to be a bit older does not mean that they should stop looking beautiful. In fact, most seniors get a large boost of confidence when they know they look good. So what are some of the best tips for showing off senior beauty?

Get Rid of the Frizz

For seniors who wear their hair longer, consider using a straightening iron on the hair. Grey hair is course and frizzy, especially if seniors live in areas of high humidity. Straightening irons are something like curling irons, except they create very straight hair in the end. This can alleviate frizz on the ends of the hair as well as around the crown of the head. Seniors or their caregivers can finish off the look by using a good hairspray that also adds shine, for a sleek and beautiful look.

*Be aware of the fact that these tools are extremely hot and can easily burn the delicate skin of seniors. Caregivers should always be present when using straightening irons or curling irons.

Use a Gentle Brand of Hair Color

For seniors who formally had black or red color treated hair, it may be time for a change. Using softer shades of hair color is generally more attractive and complements seniors in a much better way. Seniors may consider going a certain shade of grey or even a light brown that is flattering to their skin tone. Black and red are both harsh colors that make older women look even older at times. A gentle color can bring welcome softness to the skin tone and make seniors feel vibrant all over again.

Consider a Wig

For many seniors, hair loss is just a part of life. It is often referred to as male pattern baldness. Female seniors can lose their hair thickness and luster just like men as they age, especially around the crown of the head. For seniors looking to change the situation, wigs can be a wonderful solution. The look and feel of wigs has improved tremendously over the last decade and many times it is impossible to tell if the hair is real or a wig. The price ranges also vary greatly, making it easy for seniors to afford this worthwhile beauty investment.

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