Alzheimer’s Poems from Charlotte Emily

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This week, LivHOME will feature some personal poems from a caregiver of loved one who suffer from Alzheimer’s.  This week’s  poems come from Charlotte Emily, a blogger who is a full time caregiver for her grandfather in the UK.  She is a special woman very wise beyond words.  She plans to use her writings to help children better understand Alzheiemer’s and how to handle visiting assisted living facilities.  Please check out her blog at to read more of her writing!

Here are her two poems entitled ‘Maybe You Remember Me’ and ‘I Think I Forgot’


‘Maybe You Remember Me’ 


I’ve always wondered what I’d say when we said our last goodbye
I’ve always wondered how long it’d be before I would start to cry
I think I wonder far too much because now you fill me sadness
And since in fact you are still alive it’s all just complete madness
Except of course you aren’t alive well not as you once were
The man that raised me has gone; he’s simply no longer there
Now replaced by a shadow of the great man you used to be
Does the smile on your face mean that maybe, 
just maybe you remember me? 


‘I Think I Forgot’


Time has altered your face a lot
You’re older than I had forgot
Memory no longer serves me right
And I run off now into the night
Running away but I’m not sure why
Is that the sun shining in the night’s sky? 
What’s going on where am I please
Begging you now I’m on my knees
Help me to remember what I forgot
I think I’ve forgotten quite a lot
I don’t know who you are any more
Your face I know I’ve seen it before
It’s not until you tell me you’re my wife
That I begin to remember this life.

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