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By September 26, 2014Aging in Place

The month of September is dedicated to the physical, mental, and spiritual practice of yoga. There are plenty of benefits derived from yoga such as increased flexibility and reduced levels of stress. There are plenty of different types of yoga – some for advanced practitioners and others for beginners.

One of the best types of yoga for those who are just starting out is called Ansuara. It’s translation means, “following your heart” or “flowing with grace.” The idea is to flow at your own pace, which is great for any senior who is just starting out. In Ansuara yoga, older adults can stretch out stiff joints and get their blood flowing to all parts of their body. Check out some of the other benefits below!

No Strain. All Gain.
Exercise is an essential aspect of healthy aging, although cardio workouts and weight training can cause unwanted strain on the bodies of the elderly. By doing yoga, you’re using your own body weight in different poses, making it less likely to injure yourself.

Stretch and Flex
A lot of the poses performed in yoga not only strengthen muscles but stretch them out at as well. This creates a greater range of motion and ultimately increases flexibility. A nimble body reduces the chances of falling down.

Effective on Bone Health
Studies show that not only does yoga slow down the process of osteoporosis – the degeneration of bone mass and density, but it also reverses it. Seniors who performed yoga for up to 2 years did not lose any bone density, but in fact, gained some back.

Yoga is a fantastic workout that helps your muscles, bones, and mind. Encourage an elderly loved one to begin practicing yoga regularly!

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