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A Senior’s Guide to Safety on Halloween

By October 29, 2015Archives

As we get older, our sense of safety changes. Some of the most celebrated holidays seem to highlight that fact. Whereas you may have had the run of the town on New Year’s Eve in younger years, now it seems like the perfect night to stay off the road and safely away from drunk drivers. Halloween is another one of those holidays. It certainly is fun to dress up, but being home alone on a holiday designed for mischief can be unnerving at best, frightening at worst. There are ways to enjoy Halloween safely and here are some of the best.

Consider not staying home alone with your elderly loved one. Check to see if friends, family, a club or organization is having a Halloween party. If so, that is the place to be. It is best for older adults to be with will people you know in familiar surroundings and that is the perfect place to enjoy young ghouls and goblins.

If you do stay home with your elderly loved ones, be safe while passing out candy. Early evenings can be fun when young children are trick-or-treating with their parents. However, as the evening wears on teenagers may be roaming the streets with uncertain intentions. There are several things you can do to remain safe.

  • Help your loved one hand out candy to trick or treaters
  • Leave the lights on, in the front and the back of your home, for safety measures. It is traditional to turn off the lights when you have finished handing out candy, but safety is more important so leave the lights on as long as you wish.
  • If the weather is rainy or slippery in any way, be careful your senior does not slip when they open the door.

Be very careful if you are driving with a senior.

The Fall can be a very tricky time to drive, even without young children roaming the streets. The nights can be windy and rainy and wet leaves can make the roads slick. It is a good idea not to drive around the neighborhood on Halloween and avoid the entire problem. However, if you must drive, stop longer than usual at every stop sign and intersection. Look two or three times before proceeding.

Halloween is a good time to attend a party with friends. However, if you and your senior must stay home, or prefer to, make sure that you have safety measures in place so that you can enjoy the holiday. Small children in funny costumes make a great evening of free entertainment.

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