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A Senior’s Guide to National Health Center Week

By August 11, 2015Archives

National Health Center Week is August 9th through the 15th and it is a time to celebrate the more than 30 years of service provided by America’s Health Centers. Their mission is make affordable, high quality, and cost-effective healthcare accessible to those who need it most in economically-depressed areas of the country.

The theme of National Health Center Week is “Celebrating our legacy, shaping our future.” Health Centers don’t just host events and make hopeful statements, they “walk the talk”, serving more than 23 million Americans in 50 states. That means that in America, health centers serve one out of every fifteen people. Despite the obvious pressures that must exist when serving that many people, health centers consistently rank among the highest quality health providers in the country.

Health Centers are locally owned businesses too. They’re a veritable “mom-and-pop” store, helping those in both physical and monetary need. 44 million people in America are currently uninsured. Another 56 million who do have insurance live in areas without access to doctors or even basic health services. National Health Center Week aims to raise awareness for these people and their communities.

By attending National Health Center Week events, you can have a chance to speak out in support of your local Health Center. You can help spread the word about the important work these centers perform daily. After all, a community is only as strong as the health and well-being of its citizens. Both the House of Representatives and the Senate have recently recognized National Health Center Week, calling upon the nation to celebrate it and support Health Centers across the country. When you attend, you are part of the solution too.

National Health Center Week events are held in all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico, Washington D.C., and U.S. territories. The number of events has increased dramatically, with 1,500 more events scheduled this year than last. More than 90 members of Congress and 19 state governors are involved. You can look for events being held in your area on the NACHC Health Center Week events map,

Why is National Health Center Week so important? The more we gather together, the stronger we all become. We can help shed light on the health needs of our respective communities. Each of us can help bring long term benefits to our fellow man or woman who’s down on their luck, or simply needs some help to get back on their feet. Providing low cost, easily accessible healthcare to those who need it most is a goal that can be achieved. It’s already being accomplished at each local Health Center.

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