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A Look at the Future of Aging

By November 27, 2015Aging in Place

America is aging. The largest generation the country has ever seen is the demographic that we call Baby Boomers. Not only are they large in numbers but they are living longer than any previous generations with an aging category now called the “super old” – those over the age of 80.<br><br>


With more and more “Boomers” turning 65 every day, it is an ever growing market for retailers. Products for Baby Boomers are filling store shelves as quickly as they can be invented. When it comes to technology, all the gadgets that were first invented for the “20-something” crowd are quickly being developed for those aged 65+.<br><br>


Baby Boomers expect to live longer, better, and healthier lives than any other previous generation. They want new services and technology to make their lives easier and more enjoyable. They want new conveniences and improvements for their lifestyles.<br><br>


There are already a number of advanced devices to improve the life of an elderly person, whether they are “young elderly” or aged in need of support. Monitors and sensors can detect when a person has left their home, and dim or shut off the lights. Medications can be tracked digitally and documented for caregivers and physicians, ensuring a senior is taking medicine when, and how, they should. The very design of new devices makes them more user friendly. For example, touch screens make technology easier to use for people of any age.<br><br>


The cost of technology is declining, making it easily available to most anyone. It is a highly competitive marketplace, and that benefits the consumer. A senior and/or the caregiver can shop around and compare prices on everything from automatic lights to heated towel racks. An adult child can set up technology in the senior’s home so that they can check in on parents from many miles away. Safety is increased when technology allows seniors to automatically connect with emergency responders. “Smart homes” will continue to evolve, building more and more technology into the structure of the house.<br><br>


Entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors are paying more and more attention to the aging marketplace. Why shouldn’t they? It is enormous in numbers and many seniors have disposable income to spend on technology that improves their lives. Because the market is so large seniors wield a great deal of consumer power and they can drive quality, availability, and pricing.<br><br>
Hopefully the development of technology for seniors today will have a profoundly positive impact on future generations. It is the hope of scientists and leading health organizations that technology can be corralled to facilitate preventive treatment rather than reactive medical treatments. The more that technology can advance the detection and diagnosis of illness and disease, the more quickly and successfully it can be treated.<br><br>

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