7 Christmas Gift Ideas Guaranteed to Please Your Senior Loved One

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Christmas is just around the corner, but thousands of shoppers are still trying to figure out what to buy for their senior loved ones. Let’s face it, buying for older adults can be pretty difficult at times. Luckily, there are some really great gift ideas to choose from this holiday season. Here’s a few that are bound to please even the pickiest senior this Christmas!

Pet Gifts

Millions of seniors own pets. These animals play an intricate role in the lives of independent seniors, offering much needed companionship and affection. With that in mind, why not give your loved one a basket full of pet gifts this Christmas? Simply purchase cans/bags of food, squeaky toys, chew toys and treats at a local superstore, place the items in a gift basket and dress it up with a large bow.


If your senior loved one is particularly passionate about a cause, making a donation in his or her name is always appreciated. For example, if your loved one supports animal rights, you could make a donation in his or her name to the local animal shelter or ASPCA. For seniors who are passionate about the environment, consider donating to organizations like the Sierra Club or Green Peace. What better way to show you care than to support a cause that is near and dear to your loved one’s heart?

Gift Certificates

No matter how difficult a senior is to buy for, gift certificates are always a welcome gift. You can purchase certificates for things like groceries, restaurants, movies/movie rentals, department stores, haircuts, gas or even prepaid calling cards.


Most seniors love to read books, especially when they are truly interested in the content. Here are three book ideas that score big points among older adults this holiday season:

The Letters of John F. Kennedy: Older adults generally have a great affection for the 36th President of the United States. This book gives them one of the most vivid glimpses into JFK’s life, both professionally and personally.

The Big Book of Christmas Mysteries: For any senior who loves trying to solve a good mystery, this book is a must-have. There are stories from greats like Agatha Christie, Ed McBain and over 50 more mystery legends in this book.

Patrick Leigh Fermor : For seniors who love biography and adventure combined, this book by Artemis Cooper is the perfect gift. Fermor’s life reads like a Hollywood movie, full of adventure, travel, love and intrigue.

Let Me Tell You a Story: For seniors who remember the effects of WWII, this memoir of a girl’s escape from the Nazis will really hit home.


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