5 Ways to Keep Aging Skin Healthy

By March 11, 2016Healthy Aging
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As people age, they notice changes in their skin, wrinkles on their faces, age spots on their hands. There are lots of things that can be done to improve aging skin. In fact, LivHOME’s caregivers often prioritize senior’s hygiene. In addition to skin care, our caregivers offer assistance for bathing, dressing, grooming, and toileting. Together, our caregivers and your senior loved ones will work together to maintain healthy hygiene and healthy skin. Here are our top five tips to keep skin healthy as aging progresses.

Seniors need to sleep! This doesn’t mean sleeping 10 hours per night, but it does mean sleeping more than four hours or less. Whether it’s due to illness or medication, many seniors find it difficult to sleep through the night. They may compensate by taking naps during the day, but napping for longer than 30 minutes can make it more difficult to fall asleep at night. Keeping the bedroom clean, uncluttered, and free of artificial light from televisions, laptops, and smart phones can help to produce a solid night’s sleep and, as a result, healthy skin.

Reduce stress! As a caregiver, be sure to pay attention to the signs of stress. This may seem like an obvious health tip but stress can actually cause skin to weaken or tear. When seniors notice a mark on their skin it should be treated immediately. As we age, skin becomes thinner and a minor problem can quickly become a potentially dangerous infection. Visit a pharmacy and ask for some advice on creams or lotions to help treat a skin condition, scratch, or blemish. Otherwise, visit a doctor and find out for sure what’s going on and what can be done.

Hydrate! A little water can go a long way when it comes to skin care. Dehydration causes skin to look dry and wrinkled. That isn’t to say hydrating will eliminate wrinkles, but it will give skin a firm healthy glow. Water helps deliver nutrients effectively to your skin. Drink up!

Wear sunscreen! Just because seniors’ skin has faced a lifetime of sun exposure, it does not mean they no longer require sunscreen. Seniors will greatly benefit from applying sunscreen and blocking those harsh UV rays. Be sure to consult with a physician when choosing sunscreen products.

Exercise! Exercise fosters good health, improves sleep, and slows down the aging process. In contrast, a lack of sleep and exercise will actually advance the aging process. The right amount of exercise is different for everybody. Whether it’s a 20 minute walk five times per week, or yoga, simply getting the body moving is all that matters for good health and great skin.

These tips will improve health and skin. LivHOME helps seniors live healthy lives in healthy environments. To learn more about our at-home care services, visit www.livhome.com.

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