5 Ways Seniors Can Avoid Social Isolation

By January 22, 2016Aging in Place

You don’t need to be a psychologist to know that loneliness and isolation aren’t healthy. That’s why it’s upsetting to learn that these problems affect many older people. Many seniors often feel lonely due to the long distance between them and close friends or loved ones. A recent study reported that 43 percent of seniors aging in place are socially isolated.

Here are five ways to help reduce loneliness and isolation for seniors:

Stop in for a bite to eat.
It’s always nice to surprise a senior by joining them for a full meal. Spending time visiting over a meal is a great way for a senior to enjoy themselves, their food, and their visitors.

Show some support.
A phone call is always an easy way to check in on a senior loved one. Call to see how they’re doing and seniors will feel loved. The simple fact that someone was thinking of them and wanted to talk to them for a bit will brighten anyone’s day.

Give a senior a ride.
For a variety of reasons, older people may not be comfortable or able to drive. Sometimes deteriorating vision has led to the revocation of their driving license. Some seniors may not feel safe driving in the dark or in heavy traffic. This greatly reduces a senior’s feeling of independence and freedom and increases isolation.

Tell a senior they look good.
Everyone wants to think they’re still handsome or beautiful. Too often, older people are on the sidelines when it comes to compliments. The wrinkles on their face or the lilt in their posture can be embarrassing to someone who wants to remain young. A genuine compliment will lift a senior’s spirits and boost their self-esteem.

Make sure a senior knows they are important.
When an older person is living on their own or in an assisted-living home surrounded by people they don’t know, it’s easy to feel forgotten. The suggestions listed here can help remind a senior they matter and have a place in the hearts of those around them.

No one wants to think that they aren’t needed. The last people who should think that are our seniors. Every person has something to offer and seniors have years of experience to share. Let’s embrace them and lift them up. Let’s hold our loved ones tight and tell them we love them.

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