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5 Useful Apps for your Aging Loved One

By April 10, 2015Aging in Place

With technology growing at a rapid rate, it might be easy to get lost in it all. However, there are some very useful apps that are a great help for an aging loved one. They can be downloaded to any phone or tablet. Below are five useful apps you should know about if you’re a caregiver.

  1. Heartwise Blood Pressure Tracker – This app is great for those daily checkups without ever having to go to the doctor. The Heartwise Blood Pressure Tracker can track an elderly loved one’s blood pressure, resting heart rate, and weight. It’s very useful especially if your loved one has diabetes which causes specific complications to blood pressure and other circulatory problems.
  2. Pillboxie – Remembering when your parent or loved one has to take their medication is difficult but this app can help! The trickiest part of remembering when to take medication is when specific pills need to be taken at specific times of the day. Luckily, this app can help customize your virtual pill box, so it can get every detail of your senior’s medication schedule down perfectly.
  3. EyeReader – This useful tool is great for any senior who loves reading. If you download this app, you can hold it over any small text you might be reading at the time and it helps magnify the letters onto your phone or tablet screen. It even uses the flash from the camera to shine a light on the text in order to make it even more visible. It’s a good alternative to a magnifying glass.
  4. Park’n’Forget – Never worry about your loved one losing their car again! Park’n’Forget gives you options for where you’re parking. Maybe you’re off to a large shopping complex and your only option is parking in an enormous parking garage? It’s difficult remembering exactly what floor you’re on and the lettered section you’re in. This app will remind you as you insert what floor you’re on and the section. It even has a parking meter reminder in case you’re in the city with your loved one. It’s a great app for when you want to enjoy your time out with your parent or loved one.
  5. Lumosity – This is a great brain game app. It comes with plenty of different games to help with memory, brain health, and cognitive ability. It’s a nice little way to include some mental exercise in the middle of a senior’s day. It’s a successful day if you can get them to break a sweat as well as a mental sweat!
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