5 Traits of Happy and Healthy Seniors

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Anyone who has taken the time to observe certain seniors will quickly notice that some seem healthier than others. That’s because certain traits contribute to a healthier, longer life; some of them come naturally, while others can be nurtured to help seniors remain happy and productive in their older years.

Here are some of the traits that help seniors to live happy lives:

Seniors who hold positive attitudes about life aren’t just magically healthier. It’s that the optimism makes them more apt to listen to others because they believe they may be able to help. Optimists believe they will get better after being sick or hurt, so naturally they make the effort to find out how that can be done. On the other hand, people who are pessimistic about life are more apt to sit at home feeling helpless, believing nothing can be done to help them feel better. Therefore, they are less apt to seek help.

Outgoing and Social.
Those seniors who stay connected to friends, or the neighborhood, are much better mentally, physically and emotionally. By getting out and about, either through volunteering, going to church, or taking a daily walk, they fend off isolation and depression, both of which can lead to Dementia or Alzheimer’s if not addressed. LivHOME services provide this type of assistance through our companion program, that provides companions for seniors who want to remain active and enjoy daily life.

It’s difficult to deal with loss, especially if it’s the loss of a spouse who has been a partner for many decades. Resilient seniors find a way to bounce back from these losses. It’s not that they aren’t lonely, it’s that they find a new path and recreate a new life for themselves. This resilience begets better health because it comes from inner strength, motivation and the belief that there is life yet to be lived. When a person can effectively deal with grief and stress, s/he will be happier and healthier.

It’s easy for an older person to become very focused on their health issues and the things that are preventing them from engaging in activities. However, seniors who make a practice of staying active stay healthier. These are the seniors who allow themselves to be defined by positive pursuits, rather than illness. LivHOME’s caregiver services provide transportation for errands and other daily activities, helping seniors to remain engaged in the community.

Seniors aren’t just “friendly old folks” who have a lot of stories but not much to actually offer to society. Seniors have an enormous store of skills and knowledge to offer through volunteering. Seniors hold the most experience in this world, and by sharing it they can help to keep the world moving forward.

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