5 Steps to a Happy Retirement

By January 9, 2013Care Planning

A happy retirement is generally thought of as a time to live comfortably after working. While “comfortably” may mean having a huge house in an affluent area to one senior, another may see living “comfortably” as a quiet farmhouse in the Smokey Mountains. It is vital for all seniors to decide their own definition of a happy retirement, then to work toward that goal. Following these five steps can help seniors realize their retirement dreams.


1. Plan for the best retirement. Many seniors who do not plan for their ideal retirement end up feeling disappointed when the time comes. Aim for a retirement that is both comfortable and joyous. The joy of life is different for each senior, so it is vital to incorporate these elements into life after working.


2. Break out of an every day routine. Creating a new lifestyle requires a lot of evaluation and self-reflection on the part of every senior. Give the process an extra push by consciously breaking out of monotonous routines. Go on vacations, visit museums and attend lectures or expos. These activities can help to keep horizons broadened and aid in gaining insights to an ideal life after working.


3. Take control of the retirement process. Seniors must keep in mind that they are in control of designing their retirement. Never leave choices up to chance or circumstance. All seniors should ask themselves if they want excuses or their ideal life. Think of change as a very exciting time, not a frightening time.


4. Be creative with retirement designs. Boost creativity by asking open-ended questions. For example, many seniors want to travel, but have not saved enough money to do it. Open-ended questions to ask may be “How can a senior create a retirement lifestyle where they can travel and get paid for it?” Once seniors come up with creative answers and options, they can pursue the ideal situation.


5. Fill retirement planning with passion and purpose. Seniors can work to identify their individual needs and wants when planning for their best retirement scenario. The happiest people are those who understand and fulfill their own needs. Take the time to invest in the retirement planning process. The more engaged and passionate seniors are, the more likely they are to identify what matters most in an ideal retirement.


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