5 Senior Activities For Spring

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Happy senior couple enjoying in the park

As people age, they may become less mobile and for those who always loved being outdoors, that can be difficult to cope with. It can cause depression and feelings of isolation, all of which can lead to mental and / or physical illnesses. Here’s a few things people of any age can do to get outside and enjoy the warmer seasons.

Seniors can get involved in groups that teach and train others to do these things. Kids can benefit greatly from someone with so much experience, whether they’re learning safety in handling fish hooks, water or hunting safety. Seniors also benefit from the value they provide while volunteering. Conduct some research and find a volunteering opportunity fit for your senior loved one.

Many seniors may think that because they can’t bend over so easily or lift heavy objects, gardening is now out of the picture. However, “container gardening” is growing in popularity and doesn’t require as much physical exertion. Herbs, flowers, and many vegetables can be grown in containers which are easy to maintain. Gardening offers seniors mental and physical benefits, such as increasing mobility and flexibility, along with easing stress and boosting moods.

Take a walk!
Finding an activity or hobby that includes physical activity makes exercise easy. Bird watching is a great example: it includes walking to places that require a bit of exercise in order to view the birds. Nature walks are another great hobby. Some seniors like to buy metal detectors and take walks along the beach to see what they can find. Bring the kids or grandkids along, and they’ll dig up whatever is discovered. The added exercise will boost their mood and help prevent physical injuries.

This is a great hobby for seniors, especially in the Springtime. It can be easily combined with taking a walk and is a great family activity. Seniors can easily pick up a camera and have fun experimenting with it. Whether it’s photographing the family or things around the house and neighborhood, they can tap into their creative juices and may even find new inspiration after taking a few nice photographs.

Cooking can be a fun hobby for many seniors! Invite the family and neighbors over and make it an event. When the weather is right, cooking can get seniors outdoors as well. Grills are very easy to operate and make delicious, healthy food. If vegetables are grown in containers next to the grill, seniors truly have “farm to table” cuisine!

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