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5 Must Have Gadgets for Caregivers

By July 20, 2015Aging in Place

We love gadgets, don’t we? We love kitchen gadgets, automobile gadgets, and of course the gadgets of the digital age: mobile apps. Did you know that there are also gadgets to help care for an aging loved one? Here are the top five gadgets that assist caregivers:

Audio and Video Monitors: If an elderly relative lives with you, a baby monitor and a small video camera can prevent accidents and save you worry. The AARP is spot on when they list these as the Top 2 “Must-Have Gadgets for Caregivers.”

Audio Monitors: You can find these in almost any baby or big box store and they are quite affordable. You will be able to hear your loved one calling out to you, getting up, or in the event that they fall or scream. You can also take the monitor with you when you’re out and about!

Video Monitors: These are easy to install as well. You can hook up the video feed to your computer or mobile phone. You can place a video camera in the bedroom and other locations where your loved one may fall, such as the kitchen or the family room.

Floor Mat Alarm: This ingenious floor mat has an alarm that goes off when someone walks on it. If your loved one tends to get up and roam at night, or thinks they can go to the bathroom without turning on the light, this mat will let you know they are up!

Car Door Frame Strap: Elderly people usually struggle to get in and out of cars and a car door frame strap provides leverage and balance. It’s a heavy duty strap that hooks onto the door frame of the car, with a small metal triangle on the end. Your loved one can hold on as they get in and out.

Toilet Rails: Any time you can find a gadget that will prevent falls, consider buying it, as millions of older adults suffer injuries from falls each year. Installing rails around the toilet will provide balance and assistance in getting up and down off the toilet seat.

Bed Bumpers: Sometimes a homemade remedy works best. If your aging loved one gets dangerously close to the edge of the bed at night, you can make your own bed bumper to prevent falls. Simply roll up a blanket and then wrap duct tape around both ends. It’s a soft and comfortable way to keep arms and legs where they belong during the night.

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