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5 Must Do’s For All Caregivers

By September 24, 2015Aging in Place

Caregivers are some of the most important people in the lives of senior. With families who are busy, live far away, or no family at all, seniors depend on caregivers for a wide range of services. Whether it’s checking their medication or simply sitting down to be their friend and companion, caregivers provide essential services. Take a look at a few “Must Do’s” for all caregivers.

Basic Needs
As people age, it may become increasingly difficult to complete simple personal care tasks such as washing and bathing. Without being able to bend over, some seniors can’t wash their legs, or reach sections of their back. Getting to the grocery store may be difficult for more limited seniors and food preparation may no longer be possible. A good caregiver can not only take care of the shopping and assist with the hygiene, but monitor both to ensure that their senior is on the right path to health.

It’s not just the grocery store that a senior may have trouble accessing. There is also the doctor’s office, the drugstore, and shopping for fun. Caregivers commonly find themselves providing transportation as a main service for seniors.

Home Upkeep
When seniors have a tough time standing up, it’s certainly not easy to keep the house clean. It’s difficult to hang new pictures, rearrange furniture, and keep the house as desired. Caregivers can help with light housekeeping such as wash the dishes, do a bit of dusting, rearrange light furniture to please the senior, or take out the garbage. It goes a long way to helping a senior remain comfortable in their own home.

Medication Management
Several seniors take a lot of medication. A caregiver has a unique opportunity to keep a close and constant eye on the patient’s adherence to prescribed medication. Knowing the specific times of day that a certain medicine should be taken, the correct dose, if it should be taken with food and other specific details allows a caregiver to play a critical role in one of the most important health issues with seniors: medication adherence.

Easy to forget, but just as important as all other tasks, is companionship. A caregiver and the elderly person spend a lot of time together and get to know one another well. It’s rewarding to take care of someone so well and to know them intimately as friends, rather than just another person you provide services for.

Caring for an elder is rewarding, as challenging as it may be at times. A positive attitude is required and a knowledge of who is being cared for. The caregiver will be able to take pride in helping a senior in need and the ease and comfort that the senior now finds in their life is absolutely priceless.

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