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5 Gift Ideas for Seniors on Father’s Day

By June 19, 2015Archives

Just because a man has gotten older, doesn’t mean he has forgotten how rewarding it is to be a dad. Father’s Day is right around the corner and choosing a way to honor your father, grandpa, or another older man doesn’t have to be complicated or trickyl. Here are some great gift ideas to show him how much you care!

Gifts for his hobby

Maybe your senior liked gardening but he can’t get out in the dirt anymore. An indoor herb garden may be just the thing. If he likes playing games, a new set of dominos might be in order. If he enjoyed fishing, consider taking him for a day trip. Anything he likes to do can be adapted to his abilities, providing him some new enjoyment or excitement.

Gifts for a reader

Reading is a favorite pastime for many seniors. Some prefer hardbound books and you can get him the latest read from his favorite author. A subscription to a magazine is also a great option. Some magazine publications are available in large print edition such as Reader’s Digest. Your reader might enjoy a gift card to Barnes and Noble or Amazon so that he or she can pick out their own books. An e-reader is a great choice for those who are electronically inclined!


For those seniors who are still able to get out and about, tickets to a museum, sports game, or show is a great idea. Music also makes a fantastic gift, especially since it provides many health benefits for seniors. Consider helping your senior loved one download music from iTunes or set up a Spotify account for them. You can purchase CDs, records, or an mp3 player.

Hire some assistance

A gift certificate for an in-home service such as is can be a good idea for those who could benefit from a helping hand. An errand running service can help seniors tackle their everyday tasks with ease. Additionally, an at-home caregiver can be invaluable asset for your family as they can help your senior with a wide array of tasks and responsibilities.

Wearables and edibles

Cozy items like slippers, sweaters, or a lap blanket are wonderful items for seniors. Even when it’s not winter, many seniors get cold inside of the house. For foodies, there are tons of companies that offer gift baskets or specialty items for any food choice. From chocolates and coffee baskets to fruit to more savory sausage and cheese baskets.

Father’s Day is something to be remembered and celebrated. Even if your loved one isn’t your dad or grandfather, he will enjoy being remembered. Now is the time to make lasting memories with your senior loved ones!

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