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5 Fun Activities for Seniors: Staying Engaged in Old Age

By June 1, 2015Archives

It’s summertime and here comes the heat! While some seniors may be heat-tolerant, many are advised to stay indoors, particularly during the hottest time of the day. In order to keep your senior from getting bored while keeping them safe from issues like dehydration, sunburn, and heat-stroke, here are six creative old age activities for summertime leisure.

  1. Go to the library. Seniors may enjoy reading a good book, which you can find at your local library. The library is a great place to find community activities and it is almost always air conditioned. If your senior prefers, books on tape or even digital lending are often available.
  2. Try social networking. If your senior is not yet tech-savvy, he or she may need some help. If you’re comfortable with the Internet, help them learn some computer basics and get online for some social networking. Almost everyone is on Facebook and they may be able to connect with loved ones at a distance. The Internet has tons of games and mental exercises, too! Additionally, he or she can video chat with family members using Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime, which is a fun, engaging way to connect with loved ones.
  3. Check out your local recreation center or senior center. Many senior centers and recreation centers offer old age activities and classes like pottery, art, languages, or clubs for knitting, reading, and quilting. Some centers also have senior-friendly exercise programs, or dance programs and may host game nights.
  4. Learn something new! You can do it together or direct your senior loved one in learning something new on their own. Whether it is a new language or a craft, you can find instructions for just about anything online. Check out YouTube or other video tutorials for some demonstration videos. Or your senior can teach you something that she knows and you don’t. Either way, learning is fun!
  5. Organize. You can help organize closets or the kitchen or something smaller and more enjoyable such as a picture box. Start putting together a scrapbook or just help go through the pictures and add labels, dates, and names so they can be easily identified. Your senior might want to make a loved one happy with a gift of a photo arrangement.
  6. Plan an outing. A trip to the movies, a museum, or the mall may be in order and can be done during the day when air conditioning is required. If your area has a garden center or pleasant park, an evening stroll may be pleasant, just make sure to protect him or her from mosquitos or another summer “bothers.”

These fun old age activities can keep your senior happy and engaged over the summer. Summertime should be a happy time and having a plan can make it so!

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