5 Fall Fun Activities to Share with Younger Children

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Fall brings with it some of the most beautiful colors nature has to offer, along with mild temperatures and plenty of reasons to get outdoors. If you’re lucky enough to spend some quality time with young family members this season, you might be trying to come up with some unique fall fun activities that the two of you could enjoy together. Here are five great ideas to get you started!


  • Take a walk: Nothing beats the simple joys of getting outside and taking a walk. This is especially true during fall when the leaves are turning those awesome colors of red, orange and yellow. Pick a scenic route for your walk, pack some snacks and bottled water and enjoy your nature walk.


  • Rake a pile of leaves: Let’s face it; there’s nothing better than running through a pile of leaves no matter what your age. Now that there are plenty of leaves falling off the trees, your yard likely needs a good raking anyway. Get yourself a couple large piles of leaves together, then take a good run at them!


  • Enjoy a fall craft project: Fall also gives you some great craft project fodder to work with. Gather up some pine cones and colorful leaves to get started on a great craft project. Next, dribble some glitter glue on the pine cone, glue some leaves to colored construction papers.  Glue colored leaves onto a piece of paper to make your own tree.


  • Make your own scavenger hunt: You don’t need to wait for Easter to have a great scavenger hunt! Instead of hiding Easter eggs, why not hide pine cones instead? You could even use some glitter glue or craft paint to distinguish between the many different pine cones you’ve hidden around the yard. The first one who finds all the pine cones wins!


  • Get ready for the winter: Most kids love doing gardening with older adults. Why not get ready for the winter and have some fun doing it? Whether you need to do some dead heading to your bushes, apply some much needed mulch to your garden for ground protection or to plant seasonal seeds before the first frost, asking children to help out is always a blast.


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