3 Ways to Keep the Aging Mind Quick

By January 19, 2016Aging in Place

How often is it said that older people slow down with age, both in mind and body? The fact of the matter is, seniors are not necessarily any slower than anyone else. Seniors are not to be discounted when it comes to sharpness of mind and the ability to adapt. Human beings are amazing creatures and with age comes experience, and wisdom.

These can be powerful tools for keeping an aging mind quick. To help make sure that seniors stay sharp, here are three suggestions to keep in mind.

Move! Exercise is always mentioned as one of the best ways to keep a mind and body healthy. When a body gets moving, the blood gets pumping. When the blood gets pumping, the oxygen gets flowing. Oxygen happens to be a very big requirement for brain function. Exercise has been shown to forestall mental decline, and studies have shown that it may even restore memory. The simple fact is that our brains do lose their “heft” over time, but regular exercise can keep the brain healthy. Not everyone has to buy a set of weights! Take a walk every other day; it only has to be 30 minutes to give your body what it needs.

Sleep, sleep, and sleep. A proper night’s sleep is not only good for the mind, but it’s good for the memory. Studies have theorized that the sleeping brain is capable of processing vast amounts of information. “Sleep on it,” isn’t just an old saying, it’s absolutely true. Participants in a mathematical study were found to be twice as likely to find a creative solution after a full night’s rest. If it’s difficult to get in an uninterrupted eight hours of sleep at night, try to fit in some naps here and there.

Go read a book, try a crossword puzzle, woodworking, or knitting! Exercising the mind is just as important as exercising the body. It takes practice, and commitment. Anything that can engage the mind and keep a senior focused will be instrumental in helping the brain stay quick, and keep it in the mood to learn, so to speak. Recent brain research has found that the human brain is highly adaptable at any age. If someone wants their brain to learn, and keeps at it, the brain will react and do just that. Over time, it will even speed up.

Seniors should not let themselves think that because they are older they cannot do something new. All a senior has to do is set their mind to it, and their brain will react positively. Through physical movement, the brain will be healthy from increased oxygen, and with regular mental activity, it will retain its health longer. With a little rest, any senior’s brain can be top-notch and ship-shape!

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