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3 Ways Home Care can Benefit Veterans

By April 14, 2015Home Care
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It requires a lot of courage to sign up for the military, especially during wartime. Being in active combat or just serving in the military can place a lot of strain on a veteran’s body and mind. That’s why most veterans who served during active war periods or just in general can benefit from eldercare. Here are some great ways at home care can serve those who served our country.

Relieve PTSD
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is a mental health issue that occurs in someone who had a near death experience. Often times, it’s hard for that person to forget that memory, and they struggle when it comes to relaxing. Fortunately, caregivers are trained in soothing people and keeping them calm. Of course, it’s difficult to alleviate all signs of PTSD without the help of a trained psychologist, so episodes may still occur. However, caregivers still have the wherewithal to deal with such issues. They can also provide the emotional support to someone who suffers with PTSD. Sometimes, listening to their problems is all a veteran needs to feel a little relieved.

Alleviate Depression
Some veterans who have not encountered a near death experience can still experience depression from being in the military. Also, it’s very difficult assimilating back into society after being overseas or away from your family and friends for so long. All of these things can add up to depression or other mental health illnesses. Older veterans may lack energy to do activities or the things they used to enjoy aren’t fun anymore. Luckily, the help of a caregiver can reduce these symptoms. It’s much easier to participate in activities when you have a partner accompanying you to make you feel comfortable. Caregivers are also great listeners as we said previously. Sometimes talking through your feelings is a better way to overcome depression than hoping to ride out the illness.

Aid for those with TBI’s
Traumatic brain injuries are quite common within the military. If you’ve ever been concussed, you know that regular life can become difficult. Everything is a little hazy and your memory isn’t quite there. However, concussions heal over time. Traumatic brain injuries leave individuals with various disabilities that are permanent. As a result, the individual requires aid from a caregiver in order to carry on with everyday life.

If you know a loved one who is a veteran and has a traumatic brain injury, find them a caregiver. The help is enormous. It’s possible for someone to suffer a serious enough TBI that feeding themselves is difficult as well as bathing and other “simple” tasks we take for grant it. What is not an easy task is serving your country. These brave men and women sacrificed a lot defending our country. The least we can do is make sure they get all the help they need after returning home from duty.

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