3 Sure-Fire Ways to Keep Seniors Socially Healthy

By July 21, 2014Aging in Place

Having a life full of loving family members and loyal friends is a blessing for most seniors. Frequent social contact is the best way to prevent depression and loneliness. Studies show that socialization even has a positive effect on seniors and their cognitive abilities, helping to fight off Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia.

Let’s take a look at three actions that are sure to keep seniors feeling upbeat and mentally sharp.

Joining Community Programs
Local community centers are often the best places for seniors to take part in age-appropriate social clubs. They commonly offer free (or inexpensive) classes, activities and day trips. The centers offer a wide variety of services. Some even offer transportation to and from the center; the complementary commute ensures that homebound seniors have an opportunity to socialize with their peers.

Giving back to the community not only creates a sense of pride among seniors, it’s also a great way to meet new people and make positive changes. A few of the most common volunteer opportunities for older adults are:

  • Working for local literacy programs to help children improve reading levels
  • Joining foster grandparent programs and serving as a source of inspiration for at-risk youth
  • Helping in the local soup kitchen
  • Donating or working at community thrift shops
  • For seniors looking to broaden their horizons, consider joining the Peace Corps – a group that welcomes retirees

Live it Up
Post-retirement, most seniors have a lot of free time. Why not spend it by taking up a new hobby or diving back into a previously enjoyed activity? Thousands of older adults spend their time scrapbooking, painting or pursuing photography.

Retirement is also the perfect time for seniors to get out and see the world. By conducting some research, older adults will find Elderhostel programs that offer travel and educational opportunities. Cruise lines offer hundreds of packages that give seniors a hefty discount. RV owners can hit the road with communities of like-minded seniors, crossing the country at a leisurely pace and taking in the sights.

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