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3 Perks to Aging in Place

By September 2, 2015Archives

The past few decades have seen an increase in the number of seniors who are able to continue to live in their homes. As baby-boomers age, more and more people are becoming seniors every day. Healthy lifestyles and medical advancements are allowing us to live longer.

As a result, “aging in place,” or living at home in old age, will increase as well. According to an NYU professor, one third of older Americans are now living alone, as opposed to just 10 percent in the 1950s. There are several very good reasons for that!

Aging in place eliminates the need to pay for assisted-living.
Living in a nursing home or assisted-living facility can cost upwards of $90,000 each year. By aging in place, families can make the most of financial assets. With fewer8 financial demands, a senior’s ability to stay strong and happy is a lot easier.

Safety needs can be remedied easily to make the home “fall-hazard free.”
A common concern regarding seniors living at home alone is that their safety needs cannot be met. Not all homes or apartments are designed with seniors in mind. Throw rugs present fall hazards. Hallways may have soft lighting that prohibits safe walking and navigation. However, homes and apartments can be renovated easily. Safety handles in the shower, removing throw rugs and clutter on the floor go a long way to removing fall hazards. New light bulbs and bright lamps increase the senior’s ability to move throughout the house easily. Personal errands don’t have to be conducted alone. Senior transportation services are available across the country. Groceries can be delivered straight to the house.

Staying at home is very beneficial for mental and emotional health.
Seniors living at home tend to be more active. By aging in place, they reap the benefits of being in a familiar home and neighborhood. Neighbors are likely to be friends. An elderly person who is able to continue shopping at their regular grocery store, or see their usual pharmacist, feels more independent and in control of themselves. Striving to help a senior remain in their own home will give them a sense of security, happiness. and comfort.

The comfortable setting of their own home gives peace of mind to older people. As a result, they are less apt to retreat into isolation and depression. Seeing friends, taking walks, and watching the neighborhood kids play are positive pursuits and create mental, emotional and physical wellness. Dorothy put it best, there’s no place like home.

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