10 Early Signs of Dementia You Should Never Ignore

By October 11, 2013Dementia

One of the tough things about diagnosing dementia is that it affects each person differently. In fact, no two people have the exact same symptoms. Signs vary between Alzheimer’s disease and the other forms of dementia; however, there are some broad similarities that bond them all together.

There are some early signs of dementia that can signal it’s time to visit your doctor. The most common early symptoms of the disorder are:

Memory Loss

Memory loss is the inability to recall certain events or scenarios. With dementia specifically, short-term memory is usually the first to be affected. While limited memory loss as a result of the aging process is normal, a person with dementia suffers memory loss far beyond what is acceptable. They may forget their own name or where they live.

Difficulty Performing Simple Tasks

People with dementia often find it hard to complete the same everyday tasks that used to require little effort. For example, someone with dementia may not be able to figure out how to prepare a simple meal or dress themselves properly.

Disorientation to Person, Place and Time

While it’s normal to forget what day it is every now and then, people with dementia can become lost in extremely familiar places, forget how they got there or be unaware if it’s day or night.

Lack of Judgment

People suffering from dementia may not be able to utilize the proper judgment once the disorder begins to set in. For example, you may notice that a loved one is dressing completely opposite the current season, wearing a coat in the summer or shorts in the dead of winter.

Inability to Keep Finances in Order

When dementia is present, some people can no longer remember when their bills are due or they may not be able to figure out how to pay the debts at all. Writing checks, putting them in envelopes, applying stamps and putting the bill in the mailbox are no longer tasks that they can perform.

Mood Disturbances

Being a little moody every now and then is just a part of life. However, a person suffering from dementia can become overly emotional and exhibit shockingly fast mood swings for no reason at all. On the other hand, it’s also possible for a person with dementia to begin showing less emotion than usual.


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