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Home Care Assessment.

The most valuable service we can offer families is to understand your situation and to create the most viable and sustainable solutions. It all starts with a home care assessment by a Life Care Manager who specializes in social work, nursing, gerontology, and/or mental health.

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Not all home care assessments are the same.

LivHOME offers a home care assessment that is conducted by professional geriatric care managers, credentialed experts with specialties in social work, nursing, gerontology, and/or mental health. They’ll devise a thorough and sustainable Plan of Care that honors the commitments of everyone involved.

First, we look at the whole person …

The LivHOME home care assessment will, of course, evaluate your loved one’s functional needs. Because the geriatric care manager also takes a look at the whole picture, we’ll assess so much more, such as:

  • Personal values and preferences
  • Physical health and medications
  • Emotional health
  • Functional abilities
  • Home and neighborhood safety
  • Cognitive ability
  • Risk factors for falls, nutrition, depression, and isolation
  • Socialization needs
  • Review of insurance, legal, and financial issues
  • Quality-of-life concerns

Your Life Care Manager looks to understand who your loved one is, what used to bring her joy, and how we can bring some of that joy back into her life.

Next, we look at the impact on the whole family …

When sharing the assessment findings, your Life Care Manager will work to devise a sustainable Plan of Care that addresses everyone’s concerns, giving peace of mind to the whole family. We will create a plan that will ensure your loved one enjoys:

  • Respect and dignity
  • Safety and security
  • Choice and autonomy
  • Meaningful and joyful activity
  • Connectedness to the world

Last, we provide ongoing support and an extra pair of helping hands …

Think of your Life Care Manager as someone experienced who can guide you through the journey of aging—whether it’s finding a caregiver, dealing with resistance, managing difficult life transitions, accepting a new health diagnosis, or something else. If at any point, the Plan of Care must be adjusted and you need some weight taken off your shoulders, we will happily adjust our responsibilities and give you a chance to refresh.

When it comes to professional elder care services, you are no longer alone.

Hourly or round-the-clock care:

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Support for the whole family:

Do you need care soon?

A comprehensive assessment will identify the needs and issues involved in caring for your loved one, providing you with the information, resources, and direction needed to create a quality Plan of Care. Speak with a Care Consultant about our rates and services today.