Inspiring Wholeness

LivHOME believes in caring for the whole person and whole family, while treasuring the caregivers at the heart of it all.

About LivHOME

LivHOME is one of the nation’s most trusted providers of professional senior care services, helping elderly and dependent adults maximize their quality of life for as long as possible.

Our care services combine the expertise of professional care managers, the compassion of trained caregivers, and the capabilities of cutting-edge technology to deliver better care experiences and better outcomes for our clients.

Our Approach to Care: Inspiring Wholeness

The responsibilities of a taking care of a loved one can put a significant strain on your own emotional, psychological, and social well-being. At LivHOME, we are inspired to care from a place of wholeness, and to help your family rediscover what it means to feel whole.

Whole Person

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Honoring individual needs and wishes

Whole Family

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Helping families succeed together

Whole Community

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Providing the right care support team

Instead of narrowly targeting your senior loved one’s physical and functional needs, we care for them as a whole person, integrating every step of our approach with the whole family and the whole community your loved one is part of.

Thus, our care services encompass social, emotional, religious and/or spiritual needs, among others. After all, older adults are so much more than an accumulation of physical conditions, and each person deserves care that celebrates all aspects of their life and individuality.

For each individual, we create a plan that honors:

The Whole Person

At LivHOME, we know that the very best care requires an understanding not only of each senior’s needs, but just as importantly, their personality, their preferences, their priorities, and their values. What do they enjoy most? What do they fear? How can we honor these qualities while tending to their physical well-being, thus enhancing their peace of mind and quality of life? There is no blueprint. It is our mission to actively seek the answers to these questions every day.

Their Whole Family

We also know that aging is a family affair, affecting not only the senior, but all those who love and care for them. We know that the very best care honors this interdependence and is deeply rooted in it, with family members and loved ones working together towards shared, meaningful goals. This is the heart of our “Whole Family” approach to care. As we get to know the seniors we work with, we get to know their significant others, too: children, grandchildren, life partners, friends — all of whom are touched by the aging process. Thus, we help the entire family thrive together.

Their Whole Community

“It takes a village” is a tried-and-true saying for a reason. That’s why we layer our holistic Whole Person, Whole Family approach with the additional support of treasured caregivers and your personal geriatric care manager who has a distinguished background in social work, nursing, mental health and/or gerontology. Our Life Care Managers ensure that all aspects of your loved one’s care experience flow smoothly. Because it takes a village, we also believe in treasuring the caregivers who are the beating heart of that experience. And we believe in helping your loved one seek out meaningful connections to the broader community, whether within a spiritual or religious group, social activities, volunteer work, or hobbies — whatever makes them smile.

Care Plans Include:

  • Personal values and preferences
  • Physical health and medications
  • Emotional health
  • Functional abilities
  • Home and neighborhood safety
  • Cognitive ability
  • Risk factors for falls
  • Nutrition
  • Depression and isolation
  • Socialization needs
  • Review of insurance, legal, and financial issues
  • Quality of life concerns

LivHOME History

At LivHOME, we pride ourselves on being pioneers in home care, having charted, in 1999, the first system where professional care managers oversaw every aspect of care. Known as “professionally managed care,” this approach has since become recognized for creating a more balanced care experience, free from common pitfalls and unwelcome surprises. It provides families with a higher degree of wellness, stability, clarity, and peace of mind.

After LivHOME introduced professionally managed care, other home care providers followed our lead one by one until this innovation became the norm. But not all care management services are alike. At LivHOME, our Life Care Managers are experienced, credentialed experts who provide much more than caregiving oversight.

LivHOME Life Care Managers provide support for seniors and their families through the process of making important decisions and help to create access to the various services they need. They advocate to ensure their clients are getting the financial benefits they are entitled to, helping to mitigate elder fiduciary abuse. Above all, our expert Life Care Managers help families come together during challenging transitions.

Office Locations

LivHOME, based in Los Angeles, consists of nine offices spread throughout California as well as in Illinois and Texas.