In Home Elderly Care Services
Your Pathway to Aging in Place

Every senior deserves the best in home elderly care services. Our
Aging Life Care™ providers work collaboratively with caregivers
to ensure the best home care for the elderly in their own homes.
Call us today for a professional in home assessment and senior
care plan!

Mom and Daughter Receiving In Home Elderly Care Services

In Home Elderly Care ServicesYour Pathway to Aging in Place

Every senior deserves the best in home elderly care services. Our Aging Life Care™ providers work collaboratively with caregivers to ensure the best home care for the elderly in their own homes. Call today for a professional in home assessment and senior care plan!

“LivHOME staff has ended my anxiety about my father’s care.”

Susan Howland ThompsonFamily Caregiver Testimonial

The Best In Home Care Services for the Elderly.

When an older adult needs care, moving them into an assisted living residence or nursing home isn’t your only option. We’d like to suggest something better for your family member — in home care. You will receive a customized care plan for the elderly without requiring them to leave the home they love. Our elderly home care services include:

  • Caregiving—hourly or live in care
  • Care Managementfamily guidance and support
  • Care Technology24/7 assistance at no cost

The Benefits of In Home Care Services for Seniors.

A professionally-led senior home care agency provides families with an additional layer of guidance, resources, and support. Our expert senior care providers, also known as Aging Life Care Professionals™, advocate for your values and ensure you receive the most favorable home care for the elderly in their own homes. Our senior care managers and consultants:

  • Minimize the risk of injuries and falls
  • Improve socialization and engagement
  • Encourage healthy eating and exercise
  • Help pursue passions and interests

The Advantages of Non Medical Home Care Services.

When you choose a non medical home care agency, your family has direct access to highly-trained senior care providers who can untangle the complexities of elderly care and help you navigate the complex healthcare system. They are your senior advocate throughout the in home care services journey, and will:

  • Help you create a care plan for the elderly at home
  • Evaluate safety concerns and reduce risks of hospitalization
  • Coordinate and arrange for medical appointments
  • Use select local resources to save time and money
Choose a Professional Elder Care Management Agency

Why Choose a Professional In Home Care Agency? 

If you feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities of caregiving, you need the best elderly care providers to put you on the right path. Instead of hiring privately, agencies for elderly home care will offer you more creative and holistic ways to solve your most challenging problems at home. A senior care manager goes above and beyond to ensure the best in home services for the elderly — and is especially helpful when confronted with challenging issues, like:

  • An individual who is resistant to care
  • Medication noncompliance
  • Dementia or chronic illness
  • Family living at a distance
  • Challenging family dynamics
  • High caregiver turnover

Find In Home Care Services Near You

When picking the best in home care provider, your first step is to have a phone consultation with an elder care consultant. Next, you’ll schedule a professional home care assessment to determine the right level of care. Lastly, you’ll receive a care plan for the eldelry that covers all details to ensure the best stay at home elder care arrangements.

Caregivers, such as a home health aide, are the heart of the senior care experience. They offer consistent and reliable in home care for the elderly — including personal home care, companion care, transportation assistance, and light housekeeping.

Geriatric care managers help to assess, monitor, and coordinate care for the elderly. With specialized backgrounds in various fields of human services, they deliver the best professional home care plan for you and your loved one.

LivHOME Connect helps seniors stay safe, secure, and connected. We blend hands-on care with remote care to create a seamless in home care experience for seniors. Make video calls, ensure medications are taken, and much more.

““I would wholeheartedly recommend LivHOME to any person who is looking for elder care for their loved ones, as it is my belief that you provide the best possible in home care available.””

Thomas WolfeFamily Caregiver Testimonial

What Sets LivHOME Apart? 

Today, we bring you a better — and more complete — elderly home care solution. Founded in 1999, LivHOME is the first truly integrated and comprehensive senior home care agency, enabling the best in home care services for the elderly. Our unique blend of caregiving, care management, and care technology solutions help you to make the best decisions and is shown to improve outcomes while contributing to your loved one’s well-being.

Our best-in-class team of credentialed geriatric care managers brings their backgrounds in social work, nursing, gerontology, and mental health, along with active membership in the Aging Life Care Association, to deliver expert guidance and support when caring for the elderly at home. Rest assured, your loved one will receive the most personalized elder care services while remaining in their own home.

Our elder care consultants and specialists understand your families’ frustrations and can sense your loved one’s fears and uncertainties. And as a private pay home care agency, we can evaluate your home care costs and connect you with local resources for assistance! We can assist with navigating your care options, advocating for your values, and ensuring you reach the best senior care decisions and achieve the proper stay at home elderly care that you deserve.

When personal or companion care is required, LivHOME Caregivers will lighten your load around the house. Our at home caregivers are insured and bonded and receive ongoing training from geriatric care managers. Using a team approach, we can attend to your loved one’s physical, emotional, and social needs to help them live their best lives—for their whole lives.

We hire only the best caregivers in the industry:

  • In home care experience
  • Comprehensive reference checks
  • Criminal background check
  • DMV check for all drivers
  • TB testing
  • Validation of competency
  • Knowledge-based test
  • Skills and attributes assessment