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How would the situation look if a Care Manager were not involved? With years of expertise, LivHOME Care Managers enhance, not only maintain quality of life for seniors and all involved in their care.
Tara Eisner, LivHOME Care Manager, with client and wife

Helping When One Spouse Just Can't Keep Up
LivHOME Care Managers can help couples deal with the challenges that occur when one spouse's condition deteriorates faster than the other.

Tara Eisner, PhD, MFT, CMC, helped one Los Angeles-area couple through such a situation. The husband was living at home but was inactive and depressed, while his wife remained quite active and had a real zest for life.

The wife didn't know how to handle the situation, so Tara worked with both of them to find an appropriate balance of activities that enhanced both the husband and wife's quality of life.


Beatriz Vera, a LivHOME Care Manager in Northern California, helped one wheelchair-bound man significantly improve his health and qualify of life, which were impacted years earlier in a stabbing incident. Beatriz worked together with the man’s mother, who was his primary caregiver, not only to address her son’s health issues but to teach her new skills she could use in her role as caregiver.
Gary King, a LivHOME Care Manager in Northern California, helped one woman recover from a serious injury by addressing the administrative challenges arising from her insurance coverage and hospitalization. The 44-year-old woman had suffered a head injury while completing a bicycle race, and was hospitalized an hour from home. Gary worked with the woman’s husband to guide his family through the process of managing his wife’s recovery – all the way up to her eventual return home.
Ann Bradford, a LivHOME Care Manager in southern California, helped one daughter realize that living at home was indeed an option for her mom. The senior, a woman with mild dementia and diabetes, had been living alone with support from the daughter while her husband was temporarily hospitalized after suffering a fall. The daughter thought a facility would be her mom's best option, but this proved not to be the case.
Martha Bass, a LivHOME Care Manager in Boston, demonstrated how important it is to keep an eye not only on the senior receiving care but the needs of other family members as well. Martha was brought into one family to care for a senior who was working to recover from an injury. Upon getting to know both this man and his family, Martha realized that the wife was also in need of care – perhaps more than her husband. Martha went the extra mile and ended up making a big difference.
Overseen by a LivHOME Care Manager, a well-developed program for seniors can enhance self-esteem and improve a senior's quality of life. Don Mueller, MFT, CMC, worked with one 90-year-old woman to address her physical and emotional well-being. He not only saw to her medical needs but provided emotionally supportive activities such as reminiscence therapy and even a regular movie outing to a local electronics store. Once the woman regained her self esteem, she learned to smile once again and endeared all around her.
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